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Sociology and medicine etc., index

Book of Life with Mother Earth*

by Michael Palomino

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(Mad justice does not protect mankind from destructive atomic power)

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This web site is fought by certain groups of medical doctors.

But there is natural medicine and logic so 90% of illnesses can be healed by oneself. Precondition is also a healthy earth and food being grown without chemistry and without manipulations, and there should be no manipulation at the own body with aluminum etc.

Some people also have crazy reactions when I state clearly that big dogs and fighting dogs are a danger in flats and in little houses. A world without fighting dogs is more peaceful for sure than with these beasts.

Cancer heals with baking powder within 10 to 30 days (90% success rate), in the same way are healing diabetes, kidneys, asthma (vaccination damage), allergies (vaccination damage) and more complex illnesses. The rest of 10% heal with blood group nutrition within 3 to 6 months.

Direct social topics

Secondary topics of sociology

Working station

  • Fables (of Toribio Anzarin Injante)


The landlord

Secondary topics of sociology

Renewable energies - music - nature - "medicine" and medicine - psychology - language courses - Steiner terrorism - traffic - guide for a comfortable towns - bike tours - dictionary - children web site

Renewable energies (index)

Music (index)

Mozart as
                              a chile: he never was allowed for having a
                              normal childhood

e.g. CHILD ABUSE with Mozart

Nature (index)

                                nature, e.g. a beautiful butterflydinos,
                                e.g. a Camarasaurus
About dinos, trees, forest, dog, birds, cat,
butterflies, grislies, dolphins and so on

Medicine (index)
yin yang sun
Medicine: Harmful amalgams - harmful normal medicine - natural medicine - cure without medicament

Medicine: notes (index) - soda - anise - fennel 
Within these notes there is:

Cancer healing with baking powder in 10 to 12 days  English
1. Healing cancer with baking powder (sodium): Vernon Johnston in 10 days

2. Self-experiment with pH8 with baking powder
3. Instruction for healing cancer cases with baking powder

Healings with sodium bicarbonate: cancer, diabetes, kidneys etc. - index

Psychology (index)

Women: breast problems

Integral psychology
Mandalas - Feng Shui


Language course (index)

Steiner terrorism (index)

Traffic (index)
Pedestrian, bike, train, and damaging car traffic

City planning and traffic: guide for a comfortable town (index)

Bike tours / bike trails (index)
good for your lungs and breathing!

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Dictionary (index)

Children web site (index)

* The title "Book of Life with Mother Earth" was introduced on December 27, 2017.

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