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Diary about the introduction of a blood group nutrition for blood group 0

Troubles are going automatically by introducing the blood group nutrition according to Dr. Peter D'Adamo

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2012)

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Until mid of October 2006 there were unexplainable troubles with my body:
-- thin hair (and nobody knew why)
-- loss of hair (and nobody knew why)
-- acid reflux (and nobody knew why)
-- winds and gases (and I could eat so good as I wanted and nothing changed)
-- scarfs with big lichens on the head (and no shampoo was bettering anything)
-- fast sweat (and nobody knew why)
-- myopia (shortsightedness)
-- reduced gingiva
-- sometimes tinnitus
-- sometimes dizziness
-- weather sensibility
-- sometimes a cold feeling whereas there were 20 degrees in my room etc. (was this the coming age?)
-- and sometimes pains in the joints (was this the coming age?).

Until mid of October 2006 I thought that a vegetarian alimentation would be healthy for me, above all with a good whole grain bread, with biologic yogurt, with much cheese and fruits and vegetables. Then I read the books of Dr. Peter D'Adamo and I had to realize that vegetarian life with many cow's milk products was not at all something for all blood groups, and that fruit is not like any fruit and vegetable is not like any vegetable. Blood group 0 should have some biologic meat daily, and yogurt was said to be harmful. This was really a shock for me, but step by step I changed my alimentation. And look, there was happening something.

from 25 October 2006 on
Supplement with three slices of dried beef per day

Supplement with oregano
Now I had three spices in my gastro-intestinal system with an effect against inflammations: thyme, oregano, and cloves.

->> and the lichens on the head were going, but the scurfs were staying.

from 26 October 2006 on
Damaging combination of sugar with lemon acid: apple puree and pear cake from Migros food chain are eliminated
A good friend (Bruno, cultural historian) was telling me that the worst combination for the teeth would be the combination of sugar with lemon acid. These products should not be produced, and one could also find other substances for them.

I detected two such products in my house:
-- apple puree from Migros (composed of 90% apples, sugar, antioxidation agents were: ascorbic acid, sour agent, lemon acid)
-- pear cake from Migros (composed of puree of dried pears 58% (sugar, dried pears, water, apple mark, glucose syrup; agent for keeping humid: sorbite; figs, spices; acid agent: lemon acid); wheat flour, vegetal margarine etc.).

Both products had to be eliminated from my food plan. This was really a pity that Migros was producing this damaging products. First point: One can omit the sugar partially (for example with the apple puree). And second point: One can find another substance for the damaging lemon acid.

from 28 October 2006 on
Elimination of all products containing vinegar which are damaging for the sour stomach of blood group 0
-- Sweet & Sour from Uncle Ben's had to be eliminated (composed of: water, tomatoes (17%), sugar 816%), onions (10%), carrots (6%), vinegar (5%), pineapple (5%), etc.)
-- Mayonnaise with herbs is eliminated (composed of: sun flower oil, brandy vinegar, egg yolk 5%, mustard powder, normal salt, sugar, flavor, herbs etc.)
-- capers in vinegar are eliminated (composed of: capers, alcoholic vinegar, water, normal salt, spicy extracts)

->> and acid reflux was eliminated almost completely.

from 28 October 2006 on
Blackberry has to be eliminated, therefore blackberry marmalade is replaced by cherry marmalade

And yogurt is reduced.

from 30 October 2006 on
Wheat full grain bread is replaced by spelt bread
[but there is always the suspicion that the spelt bread has partially wheat in it yet]

->> winds are less
->> acid reflux is completely eliminated, and my esophagus is not in danger any more!
->> and the cold feeling is eliminated. It seems that there had been a blockage of metabolism. The cold feeling had been partly eliminated also by Amalgamsanierung already, but that stable my body never had been before now.

from 31 October 2006
Swiss cheese Emmentaler is replaced by goat cheese, less damaging for blood group 0

Now the fast sweat is going back a little bit.

from 2 November 2006 on
Pumpkin is integrated into the food plan

from 3 November 2006 on
Fresh plums and dried figs are integrated into the food plan

->>  Now the figure on the belly is becoming an ideal figure, without any training.

from 6 November 2006 on
There are integrated: quinoa grain, spelt pasta, and sweet potatoes

->> is reducing sweat one more time
->> winds have almost gone completely.

from 9 November 2006 on
Smoked trout and poultry liver is integrated into the food plan

Fresh plums are over, there is winter time in Europe.

from 18 November 2006
Sardines are integrated into the food plan

Mushrooms are eliminated

23 November 2006
Licorice is integrated

27 November 2006
Blood group sport is integrated: some walking with sticks

->> enforcing the immune system

Well, I am doubting if I could be a non-secretor because then the spelt bread would be wrong. But the stupid European laboratories are not performing any secretor test, and I was ordering the test from "America" and has not come until today...

Winds especially by carrots
In 2010 I could state that winds were mainly provoked by carrots. Eliminating carrots from my food plan practically all winds have gone completely.

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