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Note: The healing properties of garlic

Garlic - natural antibiotic Allicin + Garlicin and sulfur compound Allicin - the smell of garlic is eliminated with ginger or parsley - garlic=prevention - detoxification - garlic heals airways - garlic against infections - garlic cures skin diseases - garlic works against cardiovascular diseases - garlic works against cancer - garlic works against insects, in the garden against pests, agriculture against mold - eat garlic against mosquitoes+fleas

My instruction for healing + in winter as prevention: Eat every day two raw cloves of garlic with bread or tomato sauce etc.

Knoblauch in einer Holzkiste   Knoblauchzehen
Garlic in a box [1] - garlic cloves [2]

and this should also work against Corona19 (Covid-19)

  by Michael Palomino (2020)

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Garlic - natural antibiotic allicin + garlicin and sulfur compound allicin



With garlic you can make your living almost without medications and vaccinations. Garlic reduces about 150 diseases, including cancer, diabetes, infections due to deposits in the arteries, DNA damage from mercury poisoning [which come from the vaccines!]. Garlic has an antibiotic effect with antibiotic Allicin (which is almost as strong as penicillin) and with the natural antibiotic Garlicin - against bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts. Garlic with antibiotics affects many viruses, including proven against the causative agent of foot and mouth disease.

Germinated garlic has an even stronger effect than fresher. 5 days of germination brings maximum antioxidant activity in the garlic extracts. 5 days of sprouted garlic has the highest anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, with heart-protecting properties and against cancer cells. Sulfur compound Allicin destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. Everything WITHOUT side effects.

The smell of garlic is eliminated with ginger or parsley, which have their own essential oils.


Garlic = prevention

[The medical doctor] Albert Schweitzer used garlic in Africa against amoeba diarrhea. Garlic protects against plague (case in France in 1721). Garlic protects against infections. Garlic acts as a disinfectant against germs, against typhus, cholera, TB, flu, against mold diseases (e.g. candida, candida), also against skin fungus. Garlic is a great prevention against every wave of flu, then you don't need pills.

Antibiotic allicin is for herpes, is also in many ointments. Polio is a viral disease and is relieved by garlic. If an infection has spread, garlic is too late. Garlic is a preventive measure against intestinal parasites. Alcoholic garlic extracts work against worms (roundworm, tapeworm, pinworm).


Garlic heals mushroom poisoning, snake bites, scorpion bites, use in dog bites, hornet bites, wasp stings (halved clove of garlic are put on the sting). Garlic detoxifies with prolonged use, heavy metals disappear, nicotine poisoning disappears, smokers' airways heal.

Garlic heals airways

Garlic is the prevention of flu, garlic extract cures bronchitis + asthma. Eastern Europe calls garlic the "Russian penicillin". In the mouth: garlic heals angina, inflammation in the oral cavity: put diluted garlic juice or gargle it.

Garlic against infections

Garlic removes infections such as - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), thrush (fungal growth in the oral cavity) - Pseudomonas aeruginosa, also strains that are resistant to pills - cytomegalovirus infections - mycotoxin-associated aflatoxocosis - Helicobacter- pylori infections - Candida (yeast) infections - Klebsiella infections - HIV-1 infections - Vibrio infections - Mycobacterium tuberculosis, multiresistant - Clostridium infections - Virus infections (Herpes Simplex 1, Herpes Simplex 2, parainfluenza virus type 3, vaccinia virus, 2 vesicular stomatitis virus, human rhinovirus) - group B streptococcal infection.

Garlic heals skin diseases

Garlic heals yeast and mold on the skin, helps against warts, sunburn, psoriasis, festering wounds, festering ulcers, especially the Greek garlic variety Allium moly heals from skin diseases.

Garlic works against cardiovascular diseases

Garlic works against cardiovascular diseases, cures high blood pressure, normalizes cardiac activity, and is also said to work against nicotine addiction. Atherosclerosis heals with a garlic cure lasting several weeks, and also all side effects of atherosclerosis: headache, dizziness, indigestion, optimism. Garlic is a preventive measure against heart diseases: 1. reduces the deposits in the arteries 2. increases white adipose tissue around the heart muscle 3. has a little blood-thinning effect against excessive blood clotting 4. modulates the blood lipids positively 5. enlarges the blood vessels (vasodilation) 6. lowers high blood pressure 7. protects against free radicals 8. endothelial dysfunction (stiffening of the vessels) 9. protects against vascular inflammation.

Garlic works against cancer
This was known in ancient times already, garlic has an inhibitory effect on the formation of new cancer cells, daily consumption of garlic lowers the risk of lung cancer by around 40%. Garlic eliminates the following types of cancer: leukemia (lymphatic + myeloid acute, lymphatic chronic) - basal cell carcinoma - breast cancer - cervical cancer - colon cancer - endometrial cancer (uterine cancer), stomach cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, osteosarcoma, pancreatic cancer.

Garlic against insects, in the garden against pests, in agriculture against mold

Garlic oil kills mosquito larvae, repels ticks. The smell of garlic acts as a deterrent to many insects.

Garlic broth rejects pests in the garden, e.g. aphids.

Garlic extract is used in agriculture against mold diseases.


Michael Palomino, portrait with Inca cross and
              web sites
Michael Palomino, portrait with Inca cross and web sites

Eat garlic against Corona19 - and this has effect also against mosquitos

Says a person who eats
                raw garlic daily will not be stung by mosquitoes?!
Says a person who eats raw garlic daily will not be stung by mosquitoes?! [3]
(original German: Sagt einer, wer täglich roh Knoblauch isst, wird nicht von Mücken gestochen?! - Link)
Eat raw garlic and this protects you from mosquito bites - discussion on Facebook on Sep.15, 2020

by Michael Palomino, Sep.16, 2020

Corona19 panic maneuvers provoked that many people reacted with eating much raw garlic which contains natural antibiotics and which is also a prevention against influenza in general (cut it in little pieces and put it on rolls, into the salad, vegetables, rice etc.). People want to reinforce their immune systems with garlic against the Corona19 pathogen. Natural antibiotics eliminate all damaging bacteria and the immune system has full power free against the Corona19 pathogen.

The smell of garlic can be neutralized with ginger (which also contains natural antibiotics) or parsley (which contains VitaminC).

Whith this, a pleasant side effect came up: the mosquitoes no longer bite. That means: if you eat one or two raw garlic cloves a day (on a roll or in a salad, sprinkled in the food, etc.) and chew well, you no longer have to be afraid of mosquitoes. That is a PLEASANT side effect!

Garlic against fleas on dogs

In the Facebook discussion, one person said that garlic could protect dogs from fleas:

Alexandra Daniela Jahn If you give your dog 1 garlic toe a day, if he likes it, he won't get any fleas
(original German: Wenn du deinem hund tägl. 1 knobi zehe gibst, sofern er es mag bekimmt er auch keine flöhe)

Then that's probably also true for people: if you regularly eat raw garlic, you will never have fleas.

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[3] Says a person who eats raw garlic daily will not be stung by mosquitoes?!
(original German: Sagt einer, wer täglich roh Knoblauch isst, wird nicht von Mücken gestochen?! - Link)
Eat raw garlic and this protects you from mosquito bites - discussion on Facebook on Sep.15, 2020