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Note: healing effects of Noni

Noni tree  mature white
                noni fruit and green immature noni fruit  noni juice in
                a glass with ripe white noni fruits aside
Noni tree [1] - mature white noni fruit and green immature noni fruit [2] - noni juice in a glass with ripe white noni fruits aside [3]

Noni fruits: name - distribution - healing effects -- Noni juice and it's production, no mold -- Healing effect of Noni juice - the list -- Ingredients in Noni juice -- Noni juice is healing cancer away -- More variations of Noni products: mouth water, teas, capsules, extracts, leaves, fruit powder, root extract -- Noni healing animals -- Side effects: always loosing weight and sometimes adaption problems -- Criminal pharma fighting Noni

by Michael Palomino (2017)

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-- Margot Esser / Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Reckin: Die Heilkraft der Noni [web21]
-- Gabriela Vonwald: Noni: Zauberfrucht der Südsee [web16]
-- Dr. Neil Solomon: Nature's Amazing Healer Noni (Der erstaunliche Heiler aus der Natur Noni) [web14, S.22]
-- Johannes Westendorf (Pharmakologe, Hamburg) / Cornelia Mettlich: Noni Morinda citrifolia: Altes Wissen und neue Erkenntnisse - nonibuch@gmx.ch [web19]

-- company with analysis about nino: Tahitan Noni International [web18, 5min.11sec.]

Noni in Peru
Noni juice in a bottle, purchased
                                in a pharmacy for natural medicine in
                                Peru in Lima
Noni juice in a bottle, purchased in a pharmacy for natural medicine in Peru in Lima
Brand of noni juice in a bottle,
                                purchased in a pharmacy for natural
                                medicine in Peru in Lima
Brand of noni juice in a bottle, purchased in a pharmacy for natural medicine in Peru in Lima
                                little cup of noni juice from this
                                bottle 01
A little cup of noni juice from this bottle 01
                                little cup of noni juice from this
                                bottle 02
A little cup of noni juice from this bottle 02

Noni juice is a fat juice with a cheese taste.

Noni fruits: name - distribution - healing effects

Names for Noni

Noni is an important food and healing fruit on Hawaii [web13].

Noni (lat. Morinda citrifolia) [web03] has got also the following names: Nono, Nonu [web09], "Indian Maulbeere", "Cheese Fruit" [web03], Morinda shrub [web04], Ba Ji Tian [web09], natives on French Polynesia call Noni as their "Queen of Plants" [web07], or "Wonder Fruit of the Gods" and "Fruit of Life" [web15].

The name of "Noni" comes from Hawaii: "It got the name by it's health fostering juice from a beverage which was made of Noni by the Hawaiian natives, and this beverage is called 'aumiki noni'." [web08]
(original German: "Den Namen erhielt der gesundheitsfördernde Saft von einem Getränk, das die Ureinwohner Hawaiis aus der Noni-Frucht herstellten, den 'aumiki noni'." [web08])
In North Australia [where is a tropical climate] the natives call Noni fruit as Burukpili, Guninyi or Menymi [web14].

Noni tree / Noni shrub
Noni is a plant which is green during the whole year, it's up to 6m high (or 8m high [web07], or 10m high [web09]), has fruits during the whole year [web03]; has elliptic leaves up to 30cm of length, has white, trumpet formed flowers [web07]. A house garden in the tropic climates always has some Noni shrubs [web13].

Cultivation of Noni
In Hawaii cultivation of Noni is highly appreciated, and cultivation was precisely described in the guide of the Kahuna shamans (Kahuna La'au Lapa'au) [web13]. "This fruit needs a tropical environment and grows in different continents." [web07]
(original German: "Die Frucht benötigt ein tropisches Umfeld und kommt in verschiedenen Erdteilen vor.") [web07]
Noni is a tropical plant growing as a shrub or as a tree depending on the region. Local conditions are good when the plant is growing with view to the sea with bright light. Noni does not accept waterlogging and cold climate [web13]. Additionally Noni is a pioneer plant after volcanic eruptions on lava fields [web13].

Noni cultivation should be biological without pesticides with a certified ecologic cultivation, and then the fruit has to be proceeded in a curing way and with good working conditions for the agricultural workers. Volcanic rock provokes NO heavy metals in the Noni fruit [web10].

Noni products have to come from biological certified controlled cultivations, thus from little companies training their staff for biological cultivation methods [web10], the best according to the tradition of the Kahuna shamans from Hawaii [web11].

Bad production methods are when water is drained or when there is a freeze-drying [web11]. "U.S." producers let produce a Noni concentrate on South Sea Islands transporting the Noni concentrate to "America" diluting the concentrate with water mixing more fruits to the juice with blueberry and raspberry "reinforcing the taste". With this process many ingredients are lost [web10]. Essential ingredients are reducing their effect or it's effect is lost completely [web11]. On Tahiti a giant Noni production has been installed which is working like an industry without good quality [web10].

Noni fruit

Noni fruits need 3 months for maturing [web09]; at the end they have the size of a hen's egg [web05] or like potatoes [web08], they are greenish [web05], can grow up to 12cm, formed like an egg, fleshy, first green, and the more ripe they are the more yellowish white and eatable they are [web07, with white pulp flesh with dark seeds [web09], with a not so comfortable smell and taste [web07] like "old cheese" [web05]; Noni shrub has always flowers as also green and ripe fruits at the same time [web07], depending to the country there are 10 to 14 harvests per year possible [web07].

Biologically controlled cultivation according to Kahuna shamanic tradition is arranging Noni cultivation in unique mixed cultures, Noni fruits are taken only when they are fully matured with the maximum of medical ingredients following rhythm of nature [web12], Noni fruit is cut in slices being dried in the sunshine. In this way temperatures of over 45 degrees are evaded and fruits are well preserved [web10]. Dried Noni slices are transported to Europe e.g. to Germany. De deposit has to be under vacuum conditions evading a reduction of ingredients [web10]. Dried fruit slices are milled in special mills, fruit powder is packed in vacuum packages and in this way any reduction of ingredients and any contamination by microbes is hindered [web10].

Spread of Noni: from Asia or Australia to all tropical regions of the world

Noni seeds have a kind of air bladder. Seeds swim in the sea spreading themselves along the coast lines with the sea streams from coastline to coastline. Traders and seamen spread Noni additionally in the world [web14, p.6].

Where comes Noni from? Different versions

Noni comes from Australia from Queensland region [web03] or comes from Polynesia [web05].
-- was spreading from Australia to New Zealand [web04] and passing the Indian Ocean [?] to South East Asia and to India [web04]
-- spread from Australia to Polynesia and is growing there at the borders of the rain forests of French Polynesia [web03]
-- Noni is in French Polynesia since 2,000 years [web07]
-- was spreading from Polynesia over 2,000 years ago to Hawaii where the plant got the name of "Noni" [web05]
-- "Since 2,000 years the Kahua (shamans) on their 160 Hawaiian Islands are using this great fruit as important food as also as a healing plant: NONI." [web10]
(original German: "Seit 2000 Jahren verwenden die Kahuna (shamans), die auf den 160 hawaiianischen Inseln zu Hause sind, eine erlesene Frucht sowohl als wichtiges Lebensmittel als auch als Heilpflanze: die NONI." [web10])
-- Noni has it's origin in South East Asia [web07]
-- spread over Pacific up to Central "America" and to the Caribbean Sea (what is called "West India" by Columbus) [web03]
-- Noni trees are growing today [2017] also in Africa, Central "America" and in South "America" [web05]
-- Noni fruits from Tahiti contain much more nutrients than from other regions [web07].

Healing effects of Noni - Noni researcher Mr. Ralph Heinicke on Hawaii and Mr. Westendorf in Hamburg

It's proved that Noni has "tremendous healing effects" [web01] and is one of the most precious healing plants [web03]. Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is stimulating immune system defending many illnesses, also cancer, and has additionally a pain reducing effect [web02]. The responsible substance for this is xeronine [web03].

Search of Noni fruit was done decisively by Mr. Dr. Ralph Heinicke on Hawaii [web04] and from Mr. Prof. Westendorf from Hamburg Eppendorf University [web09]. Dr. Ralph Heinicke began in 1950 in Hawaii with his work at Pineapple Institute with chemical analytic work about pineapples, and he detected bromelain and proxeronine. The value of proxeronine was not detected during a long time [web14, p.11]. Heinicke detected substances and chemical connections and in the 1990s he developed a Noni extract with the most important ingredients. Since then Noni is known in the whole world as a universal remedy [web04]. Mr. Prof. Westendorf collected for his studies healing reports from A like asthma to Z like Zeta [web09].

During pregnancy NO noni
Noni with women has got the characteristic regulating menstruation and to foster it thus can provoke an abortion. Therefore during pregnancy Noni should not be taken [web22].

Noni juice and it's production, no mold

Noni fruits are taken from the tree before they are fully mature, then the fruits are put in the sun light for complete maturing, then the juice is extracted (making a puree of it and pressing it by a towel) [web04].


One uses the extract of the unripe Noni fruit [web03] as an extract [web02], Noni juice or pharmaceutically manufactured drug [web06].

Noni juice has got a very intensive aroma [web04], little bit "rotten", smells like "old cheese" [web05], is free of gluten and free of cholesterol [web15].

Noni juice contains iridoids and does not mold because iridoids are stable, are not reducing themselves, are constant against light, warmth, pasteurization, storing [web17].

In Germany noni juice is permitted since 2003 as "new food" and costs per liter between 30 and 50 euros [web03].

Best is a fresh juice or "direct juice" from little companies on Tahiti and Hawaii [web10].

Intake of fluid Noni (Noni extract, Noni juice) - healing time 2 days to 1 year

Noni is used as an extract [web02], as a noni juice or as a pharmaceutically manufactured drug [web06]. Healing time is different from person to person [web14, p.23; web23] and can be
-- 2 days up to 6 months [web14, p.23]
-- 3 to 6 months [web23,25]
-- arthrosis and vertebral disc cases (disc prolapse) are lasting 1 year with 80% of healing [web25].

Intake: Noni juice or Noni extract on an empty stomach and then drink water

Noni juice should remain in the mouth during 30 seconds and should be "chewed" for insalivating it, so the intake begins in the mouth already. Then 1/2 liter of water should be taken transporting Noni juice directly to the intestine so there will not touch any stomach acid [web09]. [Breakfast comes after this half a liter of water about 15 minutes after this intake].

Taking only Noni juice WITHOUT taking water then one should wait half an hour resp. 30 minutes [web14, p.23, web25] until the juice has "landed" in the intestine without "water flushing" [web14, p.23].

Mix Noni in fruit juices
-- one can mix Noni into fruit juices, e.g. pineapple juice, grape juice, apple juice - and one can add honey to it [web25]
-- one can also make a puree of the complete Noni fruit with or without peel [web25].

Daily Noni dose - ON AN EMPTY STOMACH because gastric acids would neutralize the enzymee proxeronase

Take daily 12g of Noni extract [web02]
-- take 2 times a day 30ml of biologic Noni juice in the morning and in the evening [web09] [2 hours after the last meal]

-- a low dose of 30ml is for reinforcing of general life and for defense, the bigger dose of 60ml is against illnesses [web14, p.23]

-- intake is on an empty stomach [and 2 hours after a little meal] or 3 hours after a big meal [web09].

Intake of Noni has to be on an empty stomach so Noni juice is not altered by stomach acid neutralizing the encyme of proxeronase which produces xeronine from proxeronine. There must not be any gastric acid in the stomach which could reduce and change the proxeronine [web04].

-- 3 to 4 hours before and after the intake one should not drink a coffee, not drink alcohol and not smoke [web23]

-- in the intestine Noni juice is converted for example into enzymee [web25].

Put Noni juice on the skin

can be used on the skin [web06] [purposes are not told].

Healing effect of Noni juice - the list
Almost any illness from cancer to AIDS is healing with Noni [web01]. [Experience shows that Noni is also reducing weight thus it can be only applied by people with overweight].

Noni juice is perfect to balance lack of mineral in Europe provoked by pesticide fruits and pesticide vegetables. Noni juice has an antimicrobiotic effect, antioxidative - antifungal - antiviral - antiphlogistic - choleretic - purgative - hepatoprotective - immunmouling  - lipid sinking effect etc. [web17]. Noni is adaptogenic respectively is raising stress defense without any toxic effect [web18, 4min.11sec.].

Areas where Noni is healing
-- vitamins & food supplement elements
-- decontamination & purification
-- health of women
-- brain & memory
-- immune system, cell protection & antioxidants
-- power & energy
-- pains & inflammations [web04]
-- mouth [web22].

"has got a pain reducing antiseptic immune reinforcing antioxidative effect" [web06]
(original alemán: "schmerzstillende, antiseptische, immunstärkende, antioxidative Wirkung" [web06])
[but all this is only possible for people with overweight because Noni is also reducing weight].

Healing effect of Noni juice (indications)
-- abortion [web22]: Noni is promoting blood circulation and can provoke a natural abortion [web22]
-- addiction (withdrawal) [web08]
-- ageing processes in general [web04,06]: 1 glass of Noni juice daily is hindering many aging illnesses [web22]
-- aging effects [web06]
-- AIDS [web01,23,25]
-- allergies [web05,08,25] e.g. hey fever [web07]
-- angina [web23,25]
-- arteriosclerosis [web06,22,25]
-- arthritis [web05,06,07,25]: Noni juice is reducing inflammations from arthritis [web22]; cure will be with neutralizing the enzyme of COX-1 which causes inflammations [web26]
-- arthrosis [web07, 25]
-- asthma [web06,22,23,25]
-- bacteria [web20, 2min.33sec., web26]: among others Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and TB bacteria [web26]
-- blood pressure is regulated [web02,06,07,08,25]
-- blood diseases [web26]: fat in the blood, triglyceride in the blood, lipids in the blood [web26]
-- body performance [web04,08,25]
-- borreliosis [infection of organs by bacteria Borrelia] [web07]
-- brain activity, mental capacity, concentration [web04,25]: Noni betters blood circulation and oxygen delivery also in the brain, is bettering so memory and concentration [web22] - [Noni is like a natural doping for brain and concentration - but is also reducing weight!].
-- brain damages, memory damages in the age [web04]
-- cancer (all grades up to grade 4 [with metastases]) [web02,05,23,25,26]: antioxidants are neutralizing damaging molecules ("free radicals") [web26]; e.g. cancer of Peritoneum, leukemia, cancer of pancreas, cancer of colon [web26]
-- cell regeneration [web23].
-- cholesterol level is regulated [web22]: Phytosterole in Noni have the effect that blood vessels do not take much cholesterol [web22]
-- circulation [web06]
-- constipation [web09]: Noni provokes intestine cleaning [web23] with dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals [web22] thus blood intoxication by toxic substances in feces is hindered [web14,p.17]
-- detoxication [web25]
-- diabetes (blood sugar is regulated) [web02,25]: saponines, triterpenes and dietary fibers have a combined effect regulating insulin [web22]; insulin in combination with Noni has an effect that blood sugar levels are going down [web26]
-- digestion troubles [web06,07,23,25], promoting digestion processes [web14, p.17] [reducing or eliminating flatulence]
-- drug addiction (withdrawal) [web06] -- eye problems [web22]: cataract [web22]; eye-opener [web12]
-- elimination of remnants of medicaments [web25]
-- emergency food (being qualified by "U.S." Defense Ministry: "U.S." soldiers have Noni in their emergency ration) [web12]
-- energy is rising [web02]
-- fibromyalgia [web23,25]: muscle pains in certain parts, joint pains, back pains [web24]; healing is coming by neutralizing the enzyme of COX-1 which is causing inflammations [web26]
-- fungal diseases [web20, 2min.33sec.]
-- gout [web22]
-- gum inflammations [web22]
-- inflammations (working like antihistamine) [web03, web14 p.17-18, web22], inflammation of gum [web22]
-- influenza [web23]
-- Halux Valgus [web07] [hammer toe]
-- heart diseases [web05,06], heart troubles with a reducing quota of 80% [web14, p.19], hormone of Melatonin is regulating heart beat [web22]
-- hey fever [web07]
-- immune defense is reinforces [web02,25] by vitamins and minerals [web22 a polysaccharide in the Noni fruit is stimulating thyroid gland which is producing T-lymphocytes (a class of white blood cells) [web26]
-- infections (chronic) [web02] e.g. of respiratory ways with swellings and mucosa irritations [web14, p.18], infections in the mouth; Noni extract can neutralize bacterial infections [web22]
-- liver damages [web09]: noni ingredients can part the fat in the liver into micro parts so the liver gets healthy and efficient again [web22]
-- Lupus erythematodes [web07]
-- kidneys [web25]
-- metabolism [web05]
-- Morbus Still [arthritis with children [web07]
-- muscles: more for more sports [web25]
-- overweight [web05,06,25]: metabolism is bettered and this provokes loss of weight, provokes nitric oxide, reduces triglyceride in the fat cells and is reducing the weight of the cells by this [web22]
-- Parkinson [web25]
-- prostate becomes better [web08]
-- psoriasis [web07]
-- regeneration [web09]
-- respiration ways in general [web06,25]: Noni juice is healing painful illnesses of the respiratory ways [web22]
-- rheumatism [web07]
-- rhinitis [web25]
-- skin diseases [web09,25], papules [web29]
-- sleepiness [web14,25]: metabolism is working badly, digestion is bad, organic functions are bad, there is an overcharge with toxins, depression is dominant etc., Noni is correcting all this [web14, p.21]
-- smoking addiction goes away (withdrawal) [web06,25]
-- spinal discs [web25]
-- stomach problems [web04],
-- stomach ulcers [web06]: Noni reduces stomach acid having an antibacterial effect thus stomach ulcers go away [web22]
-- stomach problems: is curing whole intestine system with dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals [web22] without attacking stomach tissues [web14, p.15]
-- strokes [web22,25]: antioxidants and substances reducing inflammation have an effect for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol thus a stroke is impossible [web22]
-- tensions [web06,07]
-- tuberculosis (TB) [web06] healing with the beverage "aukimi noni" from Polynesia or from Hawaii [web08]
-- ulcers [web22] in the mouth, in the stomach [web22]
-- urinary ways [web23]
-- viruses [web20, 2min.33sec.]
-- vulnerability for infections [web07]
-- wellbeing and wellness [web09,25]
-- worms: Ascaris Lubricoides [web26]

Exterior application (massages) and interior application (intake): hair, skin, crashed bones, cuts, distortion, wounds
The exterior application of Noni are Noni compresses with the pulp flesh of the fruit, or Noni juice is put and made massage with it etc.
-- hair problems [web08]: loss of hair [web08]; circulation in the scalp is fostered in connection with Noni vitamins and Noni minerals, inflammations of the sculp are healing thus also scurf is healing, provokes new hair growth against calves; heals flea stings and exterminates fleas [web22]
-- skin problems [web08]: acne, pimples, rejuvenation of the skin, hindering of scar formation, skin allergies, Rosacea, Psoriasis, skin herpes, sunburn [web22], burnings of the skin [web04]
-- broken bones (compression with pulp flesh) [web08]
-- cuts (compression with pulp flesh) [web08]
-- distortions [web06]
-- wound healings [web06]: Noni has antibacterial and antiviral characteristics and lets heal wound faster and better and hinders infections [web22].

Psychological indications for Noni fruit
-- fear is reduced [web02,06]
-- depressions [web03,05,06,08,25]; with many depressions Serotonin is missing (a Neurotransmitter) in the brain which is completed by Noni [web14, p.20]; Noni is a hormone plant regulating hormones, is regulating with hormone Melatonin the heartbeat eliminating depressions [web22]
-- depressions: sexual boring dullness [web25]
-- performance mentally and physically [web04]
-- nervousness [web06]: Noni is a hormone plant neutralizing nervousness [web22]
-- daily rhythm / wake sleep rhythm is regulated [web03]
-- sleeplessness [web06,25]: neurotransmitters in the brain are wrongly "arranged", noni is putting them in the "right order" again [web14, p.21]; Noni is a hormone plant regulating with the hormone of Melatonin the hormones for the heartbeat and for a good sleep [web22]
-- stress management [web02,07,08,25]: Noni is regulating the heartbeat and stress with the hormone of Melatonin [web22].

Pains are healed with Noni
Noni is interrupting the effect of the enzyme COX-1 which is causing inflammations [web26]. With this Noni is acting against
-- pains [web03,05,08]
-- chronic back pains [web14, p.15]
-- joint pains [web26]
-- throat pains [web22]
-- hematomas [web23]: pains by hematomas [web23]
-- inner inflammations [web05]
-- headaches [web23]
-- stomach aches [web04]
-- menstruation pains [web04,06,25]: Noni is equaling the hormones [web22]

-- migraine [web25]
-- premenstrual syndrome (PMS) [web08]: Noni is equaling the hormones [web22]
-- tooth pain [web22].

[All these healings are accompanied by loss of weight - only people with overweight can apply these Noni healing procedures during more than 1 or 2 weeks - in "U.S.A." almost 50% of the population can heal with Noni... (2017)].

Healing by Noni according to the healing experience of Dr. Neil Solomon in %

According to clinical doctor Dr. Neil Solomon healing quota and bettering quota with Noni are like this:
1. Allergies: 3,198 cases, 86%
2. arthritis: 1,675 cases, 78%
3. Asthma: 8,077 cases, 71%
4. Cancer: 2,188 cases, 69%
5. Fibromyalgia, chronic sleepiness, weak immune system: 3,524 cases, 77%
6. Depression: 1,512 cases, 80%
7. Digestion: 3,171 cases, 90%
8. More energy: 16,056 cases, 90%
9. Angina pectoris and strokes: 2,158 cases, 76%
10. High blood pressure: 1,869 cases, 84%
11. AIDS: 150 cases, 55%
12. Immune system: 3,707 cases, 77%
13. Kidney diseases: 3,764 cases, 67%
14. Menstruation problems: 3,798 cases, 79%
15. Brain, more attention: 5,543 cases, 73%
16. Multiple sclerosis: 25 cases, 52%
17. More muscles and sportiveness: 1,216 cases, 70%
18. Overweight: 5,526 cases, 72%
19. Pains, also migraine: 6,828 cases, 86%
20. Parkinson: 25 cases, 52%
21. Respiratory problems: 3,857 cases, 72%
22. Hair and skin problems: 877 cases, 78%
23. More sexual desire: 2,984 cases, 84%
24. Better sleep rhythm: 2,825 cases, 75%
25. Stop smoking (withdrawal): 876 cases, 56%
26. Stress reduces: 6,743 cases, 74%
27. Tiredness: 1,806 cases, 53%
28. wellbeing: 7,879 cases, 80%
29. Strokes: 1,500 cases, 53%
30. Diabetes type I and II: 4,634 cases, 83% [web25].

Ingredients in Noni juice

Noni juice contains a combination of more than 100 effective ingredients
Noni fruits contain a combination of over 100 working ingredients:

Nutrients, vital materials, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes [web15], vegetal chemical ingredients (phyto chemical) [web22].

-- vitamins
-- ferments
-- amino acids
-- enzymes
-- minerals
-- trace elements [web04]
-- hormones [web22]
-- antioxidants: zeaxanthin, resveratrol, lutein [web22]
Medical ingredients in Noni juice: list with examples
All in all with noni fruit science could isolate 140 nutrient ingredients [web14, p.17]. Noni with it's variation of parts is of a very complex grade [p.14, p.24]. Here are some examples:

-- alizarin [web26]: is killing bacteria [web26]
-- alkaloids [web22]
-- amino acids [web05, web06]
-- anthraquinone [web06]: anthraquinones are eliminating congestion in the colon after 8 to 12 hours after intake [web14, p.17]; are killing bacteria
-- carotenoids: Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene [web22]
-- damnacanthal [web06] is present in high concentrations, is reducing cancer, cancer cells are reconverting into normal cells (Japanese studies) [web08]; Damnacanthal inhibits the development of prevalent cells and of abnormal cells which are the precursors for bad cells blocking cancer developments with this [web14, p.19]
-- enzymes for metabolism [web03], are bio catalyzers" for metabolism, 80 times more than in pineapples [web08]
-- enzymes [web05, web06] and coenzymes [web06]
-- fatty acids [web05,web22]
-- flavonoids [web03,08,22]: support enzyme balance and hormone balance [web03,08], are regulating digestion [web03]
-- hormones [web22]
-- melatonin [web22]
-- serotonin [web22]
-- lignans (vegetal estrogens [web23]) [web22]
-- iridoids [web17,22]: are stable, are not reducing themselves, are resistant also against light, warmth, pasteurization, storing, Noni juice does not molding [web17]
-- carotenoids: is a precursor of vitamin A (reinforcing defense) [web03]

-- catechin [web22]
-- L-asperulose [web26] is killing bacteria [web26]
-- minerals and trace elements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium etc. [web05]
-- iron: for blood formation, skin, hair, immune system [web15]
-- potassium: for balance between acids and alkaline elements [web15]
-- calcium: for bones and teeth [web15]
-- copper: for bone structure and wound healing [web15]
-- magnesium: for bones and teeth, for heart and blood vessels [web15]
-- selenium: for immune system and against aging process [web15], for skin elasticity [web15,22]
-- zinc: is reinforcing immune system for wound healing [web15]
-- phyto chemical elements, acting like antioxidants reinstalling organs, tissues and cells from inside, skin rejuvenation, scar forming is hindered [web22]
-- proxeronine and proxeronase in big quantities: Noni contains 800 times more proxeronine than pineapple; proxeronine gives a lot of energy for body cells [web14, p.13]. Proxeronase is an enzyme which is converting proxeronine into xeronine [web04]; proxeronine is guarded in the liver and from there is given regularly into the blood where proxeronine is converted into xeronine [web08].

-- saccharides: Oligo-Polysaccharide [web22]
-- serotonin: for biorhythm, pain feeling and digestion [web03]; Serotonin is a brain transmitter (neurotransmitter transmitting signals between brain cells thus having an effect on the mood of a person) [web14, p.20]

-- scopoletin [web06,web22], germ killing and fungus killing, inhibiting inflammations, reducing blood pressure, resolving cramps [web08]; Scopoletin inhibits the release of histamine which fosters inflammations [web14, p.15]; lowers blood pressure and has a healing effect for heart diseases [web14, p.20]
-- sitosteroles: beta-sitosterole [web22]
-- terpenes: are regenerating body cells in general [web03]
-- xeronine (important enzyme for secondary metabolism [web05]): regenerating body cells in general [web03], is consumed immediately and has an effect on many illnesses [web04]; is working with the integration of proteins in the metabolism; is bettering the secondary cellular metabolism; is bettering forming of new cells; by the integration of proteins is bettering skin, hair, bones; by proteins is bettering hormonal supply because hormones consist in proteins; is bettering the formation of antibodies and enzymes because they are of proteins; elimination of toxins [web08]; is deblocking cell membranes, is fostering metabolism, digestion, and energy production; has an effect for fat reduction in the body and gives an early feeling of "being full", is acting against aging processes; xeronine is interacting with central nervous system, hormones are better bound, the general life feeling is bettering; xeronine is activating certain enzymes which are transporting dead tissue in the context of the treatments of burnings [web04]
-- Vitamins (C,E,K,) [web05]: Vitamin A (for the eyes), B (for skin, nerves), C (immune system), E (immune system, against aging processes, for heart+circulation, accelerating healing processes), H (skin, hair, nails) [web15].

Noni juice is healing cancer away

Noni juice is cleaning and reinforcing cells that strongly so they are living much longer. Rats with cancer survived with Noni over 50 days longer than rats with cancer without Noni which survived only 9 to 12 days [web14, p.19].

2006: Noni stops tumor cells eliminating metastases
A Noni study from French South Sea territories is stating with mice a cancer inhibiting effect by Noni. Growth of tumor cells was blocked and metastases were eliminated [web02].

[But this Noni treatment is only possible when the patients have overweight loosing weight at the same time - in "U.S.A." about 50% have overweight so Noni is good for them].

2008: Noni also heals cancer with wake immune system - "University Medical Center" 2008
Noni is stimulating the immune system for defense of tumor cells. According to a study from South Carolina from 2008 at "University Medical Center" fermented Noni juice is stimulating immune system to inhibit spreading of cancer cells. Fermented Noni exudate was tested with rats. When immune system was healthy the complete tumor was eliminated by increasing the activity of granulocytes and NK cells in the periphery blood, in the peritoneum and in spleen. Also with rats with very weak immune system without working lymphocytes the tumor is partly eliminated [web02].

Noni is healing cancer away in natural clinic NCCAM
The same effect against cancer by Noni was watched in "National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine" (NCCAM, today NCCIH in Maryland in "USA" [web27]). Noni has antioxidative effect, stimulates immune systems and eliminates cancer cells, says NCCAM [web02].

[All treatments with Noni are only possible with patients with overweight because Noni is also reducing weight].

2009: Noni heals cancer of grade 4
A 1-phase study published in 2009 in "Journal of Dietary Supplements" shows that daily 12g of noni extract can also heal cancer of grade 4 away [with metastases] [web02].

Healings with noni

Loss of weight with noni
One takes on an empty stomach 1 little cup of noni, from the second week on the kilos are reducing and appetite is also reduced [web28].

Papules going away with noni
One takes during 1 month 1 little cup of noni on an empty stomach and the papules go away for ever [web29].

More variations of Noni products: mouth water, teas, capsules, extracts, leaves, fruit powder, root extract

There exist also Noni healing products in form of
-- Noni mouth water [web22]
-- Noni teas [web05]
-- Noni capsules [web05]
-- Noni fruit extracts [web05]
-- Noni leaves [web05]
-- Noni fruit powder in capsules "NoniVera" [web12]
-- Noni root extract [web26].

Noni mouth water

-- against infections in the mouth: Noni juice mixed with water, gurgle it as mouth water  [web22]

Noni capsules

Intake is 2 capsules on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast, take it with much water or tea, 1 capsules contains 375mg of Noni [web04].

Noni capsules: clean the skin, heals the skin, reinforces hairs, immune system, digestion system; more effects are clear thinking and concentration; more energy ane performance. In this way the immune system can win better against illnesses and infections. Noni has an effect like antioxidants against free radicals [web15].

Noni leaves

Noni leaves contain about 18 amino acids [web22].

-- arthritis: a compress with squashed Noni leaves brings sudden alleviation of arthritis pains [web22]

-- pains during bone ruptures: milled Noni leaves can be used for compresses reducing pains of bone ruptures [web22].

Noni fruit powder "NoniVera" of the company AKMON AG in Siebnen in Switzerland
This Noni fruit powder is milled from sun dried noni slices [web12].

Parts are:
  • "100% pure fruit powder from absolutely mature and ripe Noni fruits with 400mg of cellulose of it in every capsule
  • solar dried, milled in a curing way
  •  0,15 mg folic acid, 
  • no preservatives
  • excipients: biological cornstarch" [web12].
Nutrient analysis (in the laboratory of Dr. Graner&Partner) says: one capsule of NoniVera® contains in the average:

    "content of fat: 11,1 mg
    content of proteins: 26,3 mg
    content of carbohydrates: 116 mg
    content of dietary fibers: 292 mg
    content of ashes 20 mg
    content of water: 40,4 mg
    caloric value: 2,8 KF (0,7 kcal)." [web12]

Suggested are 1 or 2 capsules in the morning with water or tea, if it's needed also in the evening [for night workers] [web12].

Healing effects (indications) of Noni fruit powder
-- against bacterial skin infections [web22]: powder is spread on the skin [web22]

Natives are using all parts of Noni plants for healing purposes [web09].

For more healings also leaves, flowers, bark, stems and roots of Noni tree (Morinda tree):
-- eye illnesses
-- hemorrhoids
-- abscesses
-- infection of urinary ways
-- tooth aches
-- cough
etc. [web04]

North Australian natives [in tropical climate] are eating mature ripe Noni fruits against
-- cough
-- throat inflammation
-- colds
-- asthma [web14, p.6].

With aborigines a complete noni fruit is eaten and this alone heals asthma, cough, cold etc. [web14, p.18].

North Australian natives are healing with different Noni parts
-- Ruhr,
-- fever illnesses
-- pains
-- genital area
-- urinary ways
-- toxic itches from tropical fishes [web14, p.6].

Healers of other native cultures are healing with different parts of Noni plants
-- inflammations with heat
-- flush and swellings
-- infections
-- constipation;
-- pains;
-- catarrh and irritation of mucosas of nose, throat, digestion area [web14, p.6]
-- digestion is bettered;
-- menstruation cramps are reduced;
-- blood pressure [see below]
-- blood is cleaned;
-- tonic for wellbeing [web14, p.7]

Noni root extract

Root extract of Noni
-- is regulating di-nitrogene monoxide so the blood vessels are broadened and blood pressure is sinking [web26].

Noni healing animals
Noni is healing many discomforts of animals [web14, p.22]. Dr. Solomon is interviewing in his book "Nature's Amazing Healer Noni" the veterinarian Dr. Tran who was healing more than 2,000 animals with Noni with all possible illnesses [web14, p.22].

Noni heals cancer in the organs of animals (sarcomas) with 25 to 45% [web26].

Side effects: always loosing weight and sometimes adaption problems

-- the most important thing with Noni is that from the second week of intake on one is loosing weight thus with normal weight results a skeleton after a 3 month's treatment. Therefore Noni treatments are really only suggestible for people with overweight and there is a very fine combined effect with them with healings AND loss of weight [web28]

-- other web sites are stating that there are NO side effects with Noni [web01,02,03,04,05,07]

-- diarrhea [web06], softer stool during 1 or 2 weeks which is called "diarrhea" by patients, others are feeling well getting their constipation away [web09]. After 1 to 2 weeks this "diarrhea" is normalizing [web15]

Noni is reinforcing the effects of medicaments

-- Noni can change the effect of chemical medicaments [web06] resp. is reinforcing the effect of other medicaments [web23]

-- Noni is reinforcing insulin injections so blood sugar levels are more going down [web26]

During pregnancy NO noni

Noni can provoke an abortion [web22]: with women Noni has the characteristic regulating menstruation and fostering it and can even provoke an abortion. Therefore Noni should NOT be applied during pregnancy [web22].

During giving milk NO Noni
Because of strong effects of Noni it should not be applied during giving milk [web22].

[EVADE overdose, the maximum is 1 little cup 2 times per day].

Criminal pharma fighting Noni

"Noni is a "healing plant healing everything" is deliberately defamed by pharma industry and is defamed by chemical "doctor's associations" [web01]. In criminal pharma mafia EU the indication of healing effects of Noni was forbidden [web06].



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