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Healing effect of zeolite (volcanic stone + powder)

Blood is healed, immune system improves (white blood cells), detoxification and cleaning intestine, liver and kidneys: removal of acids, heavy metals, intestinal gas, bacterial toxins, mold toxins - removal of radioactivity - anemia is healed (red blood cells) - skin diseases are healed: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne - healing is accelerated with broken bones+burns - allergies are healed: hay fever etc. - sleep disorders, migraines, oral mucosal inflammation, osteoporosis (bone loss, hollow bones), liver damage, virus diseases - zeolite baths - zeolite in animal feed - pond+aquarium: zeolite stones working as a filter

Can with zeolite   can with zeoliteMED certified
                  "ce" at Amazon    zeolite powder in
zeolite powder from Waldkraft (Berlin)    zeolite
                      from Kopp Edition (Stuttgart) and Regenbogenkreis
                      Edition (Lübeck)
Can with zeolite [1] - can with zeoliteMED certified "ce" at Amazon [2] - zeolite powder in gray [3] zeolite powder from Waldkraft (Berlin) [8] zeolite from Kopp Edition (Stuttgart) and Regenbogenkreis Edition (Lübeck) [9]

Filter-zeolite stones for aquarium and pond
Filter-zeolite stones for aquarium and pond [4]


by Michael Palomino (2022)

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Zeolite = volcanic stone+primeval sea

-- zeolite is a volcanic stone, a tuff rock, whereby the volcanic stone has mixed with 1) the sea floor and 2) the plants of the primeval sea there [web01]

Tuff rock from the town of
                  Mendig in the Eifel Mountains (Germany)    pumice+tuff stone wall in
                Mendig in the Eifel Mountains, Germany
Tuff rock from the town of Mendig in the Eifel Mountains (Germany) [6] - pumice+tuff stone wall in Mendig in the Eifel Mountains, Germany [7]

-- [such tuff stone made of volcanoes can be grinded, and so zeolithic powder is created]
Zeolite powder
                      in gray
Zeolite powder in gray [3]

-- The name "Zelolite" means in Greek "boiling" and "stone", as the mineral was created: boiling [in the lava] [web01]
-- Zeolite (the micronized clinoptilolite-zeolite) contains 92 minerals and trace elements, is rich in silicon compounds, aluminum compounds, has a high iron content [web01]
-- "Thanks to this ionized composition, it can enter any cell and it is a natural composition" [web01]
-- The zeolite powder is a classic silicon powder, is extremely finely ground, has a special grid structure [Web01]

from [web02]: Quote (translation):

<Zeolith is a microporative rock, i.e. a rock with tiny pores. It is a volcanic stone, and its pores were once created by the volcanic gas inclusions. The term "zeo" comes from Greek and means "boil", the syllable "-lith" is called "Stein". So the matter is about boiled or cooked stones which were created millions of years ago when the glowing lava earth fell into the sea during volcanic eruptions and was provoking a boiling sea.

During these events, also the special crystal grid structure of the so-called Klinoptilolith-Zeolite was formed. (There are three zeolite forms, the phase-like, the leafy like, and the crystalline zeolite. We are concerned exclusively about the crystalline zeolite, the clinoptilolith-zeolite).

The mesh-like crystal grille of the zeolite consists of silicon (SIO4) and aluminum (ALO4). This aluminum does NOT dissolve from the crystal grille in the body (link) [when it's natural zeolite]. The crystal grille is immune to numerous external influences - including the stomach acid and other digestive juices. So you do not have to fear that taking zeolite would provoke an aluminum charge. Details below.

In the middle of the cavities of the crystal grille there are cations (positively charged particles) such as calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium. The grille itself, that means its tiny cavities, are negatively charged, which again is an important precondition for the zeolite's characteristics with detoxification and healing effects.> [web02]

Zeolite heals the intestine - when the intestine is cleaned, many substances are completely absorbed - and the detoxification runs

Quote (translation):

<Zeolite improves so many levels that - although it stays in the intestine - its positive effects affect the entire system:
-- improving the intestinal health and intestinal flora as well as the health and performance of the detoxification organs liver and kidneys,
-- activating the immune system,
-- has an anti-cancer effect,
-- reducing inflammation values and
-- increasing the body's own antioxidant levels.

All of these factors are active in the entire body and involved in detoxification. So, even if the zeolite acts "only" in the intestine, its effects are far-reaching.

In addition, from a naturopathic perspective, the detoxification effect of zeolite cleaning organs which are far away from the intestine is explained as follows: When the intestine is without toxins, there will be a suction effect to the toxins in other body regions. The body notices that the intestine detoxifies well and can now loosen the toxins in other areas leading them into the intestine (19).>

Healing effect of zeolite

Zeolite heals the blood, heals the intestine, heals anemia
-- zeolite acts like a filter, generally improves the blood levels, 2 times 5 gram of zeolite per day improves the iron values, relieves anemia (shortage of red blood cells, iron deficiency) strictly after 25 days [web02]
-- zeolite heals anemia (shortage of red blood cells, iron deficiency): zeolite contains iron, but primarily heals the intestine and thus improves the absorption of iron in the intestine [web02]

Quote (translation):

<Zeolite healing anemia (shortage of red blood cells)

Studies from 1999 and 2003 with women who suffered from anemia (shortage of red blood cells) showed that the twice daily administration of 5 g of zeolite each led to a striking improvement in iron levels after 25 days.

This happened on the one hand, that zeolite can release some iron to the body directly, and on the other hand, above all, because zeolite heals the intestine and thus improves the iron absorption. Because often people with anemia have a consumption of enough iron, but the body cannot absorb it because the intestinal skills of the intestine are limited [by toxins in the intestine].> [web02]

Extension, cleaning, detoxification

Can with zeolite   can with zeoliteMED
                      certified "ce" at Amazon    zeolite powder
                      in gray       zeolite powder from Waldkraft (Berlin)    zeolite from Kopp Edition (Stuttgart) and
                          Regenbogenkreis Edition (Lübeck)
Can with zeolite [1] - can with zeoliteMED certified "ce" at Amazon [2] - zeolite powder in gray [3] zeolite powder from Waldkraft (Berlin) [8] zeolite from Kopp Edition (Stuttgart) and Regenbogenkreis Edition (Lübeck) [9]

-- Zeolite powder binds pollutants such as heavy metals and is perfect for detoxification [web01] like a sponge [web02]
-- Zeolith, a natural mineral of volcanic origin, serves to strengthen the intestinal wall barrier and support the detoxification by binding heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, chrome and nickel) as well as ammonium in the gastrointestinal tract [web05]
-- Zeolite and bentonite bind the toxins like a sponge "and ensure that they are excreted by defecation" [web02]
-- Zeolite powder binds acids, heavy metals, intestinal gases, bacterial toxins, mold poison etc. [web02]
-- In the cavities are ions that can bind pollutants [web01]
-- Zeolite has an extremely large surface, and therefore zeolite can bind large amounts of pollutants [web01]
-- As a powder, zeolite has an even larger surface, with even more detoxifying effects [web01]
-- Zeolite powder cleans and detoxifies liver, kidneys, intestinal tract [web01]
-- Zeolite powder neutralizes acids [web01]

-- Peoples who repeatedly sprinkle mineral powder into meals have an extremely long life, for example peoples in North Siberia and various Caucasus peoples [web01]

Quote (translation):

"With the North Siberians [northern Russia] it is the clinoptilolite-zeolite (one of three zeolite shapes) and the heulandite, and Caucasians also use clinoptilolite-zeolite and add to this the montmorillonite (bentonite)." [web01]
-- Zeolite supports every healing process [web01]
from [web02]: Quote:

<How zeolite is proceeding the detoxification?

Zeolite can detoxify in very different ways. On the one hand, it has the ability of adsorption (not absorption). Adsorption means that a substance is bound to another one. Absorption, on the other hand, means that the fabric is absorbed/absorbed by something.

1. Zeolite detoxifies using adsorption

For example, adsorption is applied for removing excess acids. But also toxins of bacteria are detoxified by zeolite, and further more cytokines (inflammatory substances), free radicals and metabolic waste products.

Adsorption is binding also the so-called low molecular substances. Low molecular substances are, for example, water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) or intestinal gases (methane).

2. Zeolite is detoxificating by ion exchange

At the same time, an ion exchange also takes place at the zeolite. This means that the minerals within the crystal grille of the zeolite are attracted by the organic substance in the organism, and at the same time toxic deposits in the body  - which have a positive charge - have a great affinity for the negatively charged crystal grilles of the Zeolite.

Pollutants are therefore going into the crystal grille while minerals are going out. For this reason, it is also very unlikely that the essential minerals are bound by zeolite as it's often feared, and the often conclusion that there would be a mineral shortage is very unprovable.

With this ion exchange, heavy metals and radioactive elements are detoxified and much more.

Karl Hecht is a Professor of Experimental and Clinical Pathological Physiology of the Charité Hospital in Berlin and at the Humboldt University in Berlin and author of the zeolite book "Silicon minerals and Health" (orig. German: Silizium-Mineralien und Gesundheit) has the following opinion now:

The more acid a milieu becomes where zeolite is, the more will be an ion exchange with and silicium is taking part with the ion exchange. In this way a colloidal silicium (SiO2) is formed which is passing into the bloodstream and will be a valuable silicium source for humans.

Silicium source zeolite for strong connective tissue and elastic blood vessels

Silicium is a stabilizing trace element that is particularly committed to healthy connective tissue and healthy bones. Also blood vessels are stabilized by the silicium, so that the cardiovascular function can also benefit from the zeolite. Since a silicium deficiency is widespread today, every additional silicium  source should be used.

But what happens to the aluminum?

Zeolite contains aluminum, will it dissolve? - [NOT with natural zeolite - YES with synthetic zeolite A]

Professor Hecht explains on this topic: Zeolite is generally characterized by high stability towards thermal influences and aggressive substances. Just acids or ionizing radiation can hardly harm it, at least nothing that would have a negative impact on the consumer.

Whether aluminum can dissolve from zeolite depends on its silicium content. The higher it is, the more impossible it becomes that aluminum can detach from the zeolite crystal grille. Klinoptilolite zeolite is a zeolite with a particularly high silicon content. From this will never dissolve any aluminum, and no aluminum will be in the intestine absorbed either nor will be absorbed into the body.

But current studies (2015 - 2018) show that aluminum can very well detach from zeolite, but this aluminum is not bioavailable, so it remains in the intestine and is not absorbed into the bloodstream. However, there is ONE exception: synthetic zeolite (so-called zeolite A) can really provoke an aluminum charge, so that you should always make sure to use natural zeolite.

Further information you find here (in German): Löst sich Aluminium aus Zeolith?

Zeolite is a master of detoxification

Everyone can have the experience how well zeolite can detoxify, for example healing digestive disorders with diarrhea and/or flatulence, as zeolite is binding superfluent liquids, bacteria toxins, and gases for removing them. People suffering from intestinal fungal infections will also state a relief soon because zeolite has anti-fungal properties and is adsorbing fungal toxins and dying fungi, too, and is removing them.

Since a long time, we have sufficient scientific indications for the detoxificating effects of zeolite showing that zeolite is detoxicating, and at the same time it's completely safe without any negative side effects - neither short term or long term.

[Attention: too much zeolite can provoke constipation sucking too much liquid].

In 2012, for example, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis was investigating three different preparations of zeolite controlling how well 20 different potential toxic substances were detoxified: a mouth spray with zeolite, drops on zeolite base for the mouth, and a zeolite powder

The highest poison excretion rate was definitely recorded with the zeolite powder. So, after the intake of zeolite powder, the removal of aluminum and lead was rising each by 43 percent, with caesium by 41 percent, with Nickel by 23 percent, and with arsenic by 119 percent.

In the same year, the journal "Biological Trace Element Research" showed that clinoptilolite-zeolite can help with the expansion of lead. Despite the intake of lead charged food, the lead concentrations in the liver were sinking by 89 percent when zeolite was taken at the same time, and in the kidneys the reduction was by 91 percent, and in the bones by 77 percent - compared to those subjects who had a lead intake without zeolite intake.

Another interesting investigation is available from 2003. Miners were charged with lead and they were asked to perform the detoxification trial with zeolite. One part was agreeing with an intake of [all in all] 5 gram of zeolite [in 2 liters of water, taken sober+wait 30 minutes] every day. After these 5 weeks the men were "clean" and also free of lead. The others were charged with lead as 5 weeks before.

A similar result had a study with 102 men being charged with heavy metals in the town of Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains. They suffered of symptoms like sleep disorders, headache and back pain, chronic exhaustion, etc. After 30 days with twice a day 1.25 g  of zeolite [mixed in 1/2 liter of water taken sober+wait 30 minutes], they were largely liberated from their heavy metal load [and from all symptoms].

In 2009, a new scientific report was presented by the scientist group Flowers et al. with the review "Nutrition and Dietary Supplements" that the detoxification of heavy metals is an important part in the therapy of chronic diseases, but that the usual use of chelate formers is often associated with undesirable side effects and unfortunately also unpredictable effect. The benefits of clinoptilolite-zeolite was rated as an effective ans safe alternative. Because zeolite has one big difference compared with chelate formers: It is NOT leading to an excessive removal of essential minerals ans trace elements at the same time.

The study was like this: zeolite removal effect of toxins was proved by forming two equal groups of 22 men. Group 1 got zeolite during 1 week, group 2 took zeolite during 30 days. In both groups a high removal of heavy metals was observed, whereby the peak day of excretion was the fourth day. During the detoxification procedure, no change in the test subjects' electrolyte balance could be found - neither after a week nor after 30 days.> [web02]

Zeolite against skin diseases: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne: with intake and external as a silt at the same time
-- In the case of skin diseases, you can use zeolite externally and internally
-- 1 treatment cycle is 10 days, you perform 2 to 3 treatment cycles
-- In this way are healing: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema etc., acne is reduced [web02]

-- When acne or other chronic skin diseases occur together with an intestinal disease, zeolite heals first the intestine, and then the skin also heals [web02]:

Quote (translation):
"Often with adults, a chronic acne or other chronic skin diseases occur together with an intestinal disease. Because a sick intestine often leads to sick skin. When zeolite is healing the intestine now (see below), then the skin will heal after that again." [web02]

Zeolite with broken bones
-- zeolite accelerates healing of broken bones: just put a silt layer of zeolite [drink zeolite water and put zeolite as silt with bandage around it] [web02]

Zeolith with burnings (skin)
-- after having suffered a burning, put 3 times a day 1 spoon of zeolite in the food, and the healing will be faster [web02]

[Treat burnings with elevated skin
I personally have the following experience how to heal burnings:
1) hold the burning under cold water tap or dip it into cold water in a basin during 3 minutes all 10 minutes, and after the third time
2) spray bicarbonate water on it or dip it into bicarbonate water every hour, and
3) finally when the skin has normalized, also the blood circulation in the skin has to normalize so make a finger massage there during 3 months every day].

Zeolite + bentonite + algae against allergies (hay fever etc.)
-- Zeolite lowers the increased histamine levels and the allergy disappears - one takes during 40 days 0.7 grams of zeolite and 0.3 grams of bentonite with 5grams Spirulina [algae] [web02] [mixed in much water, the intake is sober + wait 30 minutes]. Quote (translation):

"Anyone who suffers from allergies and hay fever has increased histamine levels. These can be reduced with the help of zeolite. Pollen allergy sufferers were given 40 days before the expected pollen allergy in spring 700 mg zeolite and 300 mg bentonite combined with 5 g spirulina [I assume: in much water, intake sober, wait 30 minutes]. The allergy did not come. In the years before, the allergy had always come after the first pollen drift." [web02]

Zeolite against sleep disorders
-- zeolite improves sleep and heals sleep disorders away [web02]

Zeolite makes migraine attacks disappear
-- when during the first symptoms of migraine attacks zeolite is taken, then migraine attacks do not happen [web02]

[Addition: migraine is also healing with head and neck muscle extension exercises from Liebscher-Bracht -  link].

Zeolite heals oral mucosa infections

Zeolite strengthens the bones against osteoporosis
-- zeolite can improve osteoporosis, take 3 gram of zeolite for 8 weeks daily [mixed in much water, intake sober, wait 30 minutes] [web 02]

Zeolite against viral diseases: virus hepatitis (liver damage)
Zeolite accelerates the healing of viral diseases, for example
-- Virus hepatitis: With a mixture of zeolite+bentonite+vitamin B complex, acute viral hepatitis heals 4 days faster than just with pharmaceutical pills [web02]

Zeolite heals liver damage
-- zeolite has a positive effect on the healing of the liver: fat liver hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatosis [web02]

Quote (translation):

<Even with acute viral diseases such as acute viral hepatitis, zeolite helps to accelerate the healing process. In a study, hepatitis healed in the zeolite group (zeolite combined with medicaments) four days faster than in the group that only got pharma medicaments. However, no pure zeolite was used, but a mixture with bentonite plus a vitamin B complex. Zeolite can also be done against other liver problems such as fat lever hepatitis, liver cirrhosis or a hepatosis.> [web02]

Zeolite strengthens the immune system
-- Zeolite strengthens the immune system against infections [web02]:

"It is also particularly striking that zeolitic cures are increasing the defense system against infections when the zeolitic cures are performed repeatidly." [web02]

-- Zeolite increases the level of antioxidants
-- Zeolite is good against a hangover after too much alcohol
-- Zeolite acts against diarrhea, binds harmful elements that trigger diarrhea: intestinal bacteria, bacterial toxins, mold poison, intestinal gas, excess water [zeolite against edema]
-- When the intestinal mucosa is damaged, then will come: autoimmune diseases, allergies, migraines, heart diseases, Alzheimer, Parkinson, rheumatism (leaky gut syndrome) develop, and with zeolite all this heals away [because the intestine is healed]
-- an intestinal mucosa heals and regenerates, for example, after 12 weeks of zeolite intake (the value of zonulin is reduced, this is a marker for a sick intestinal mucosa)
-- Zeolite forms a protective layer on the intestinal mucosa, absorbs all toxins and prevents the toxins from getting into the blood, so zeolite is like a filter
-- with zeolite clarifies and cleans also the blood
-- When the toxins are missing, less cancer develops, and when the intestine is still being renovated, the antioxidants rise, the blood is cleaned and nutrient utilization improves, cancer has hardly any chance
-- Zeolite revitalizes genes which inhibit cancer tumors, i.e. zeolite should always be taken during a cancer treatment
-- Zeolite injected into tumors reduces tumors
-- Zeolite inhibits the formation of metastasis.

Zeolite baths
-- Zeolite baths have a healing effect, e.g. against venous weakness in 10 days [web02]

Quality and grain size of zeolite

Quote (translation):

"Buying zeolite it must be a medical product ("approved medical product of the class IIa"). Corresponding products are marked with the CE sign. Only then you can be sure that it's quality was controlled and that this is pure zeolite without other substances.

We also recommend a zeolite that has a medium grain size of 10 µm. This grain size is small enough to be able to effectively bind pollutants, but still big enough so as not to get into the organism via the intestinal mucosa." [web02]

Taking zeolite 1 to 3 times a day
[web01] https://magnesium-quelle.ch/zeolith-pulver-monti-zilit/?msclkid=1ae30390f41d1883d25c208c070
[web02] https://www.zentrum-der-gesundheit.de/artikel/enteviation-und-ausbung/zeolith

-- Dissolve 1 heaped teaspoon (3 gram) in 1 glass (2.5dL) warm water, mix it, take it 1 to 3 times a day, take the zeolite water sober or on empty stomach [web01]
-- During a zeolite cure you should drink a lot of water so that the zeolite does not clump in the body [provoking constipation] [web02].

Quote (translation):

"However, zeolite can only detoxify and have a positive effect if there is sufficient liquid. If not, then the zeolite is forming heaps sucking much tissue water provoking constipation and dehydration. However, this is not the fault of the zeolite but the user is guilty for this.

Therefore, take a large glass of still water to each teaspoon of zeolite (300 - 400 ml) and also drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight during the day. With a weight of 60 kilograms, that would be 1.8 liters of water.

One part of the daily fluid amount can also be drunk in the form of herbal tea or as diluted vegetable juices." [web02]

-- For example, a cure is 40 days long with the intake of 1 tea spoon daily rising slowly up to 3 tea spoons daily, and after 40 days the cure ends [web01]
-- Take it also during meals [web01]
-- Drink enough during the day [web01].

-- The dosage should be agreed with the family doctor or alternative practitioner [web01]

[Dosage: Own experience with 1g per day in 1/2 liter of water taken sober
My own experience shows that just a tip of a teaspoon mixed with 0.5 liters of water is sufficient once a day being taken sober for provoking a strong healing effect. Always wait 30 minutes until to the next meal or to the next drink. After 5 days you should take a break to avoid constipation, because zeolite is not immediately been washed out of all the intestine system, but sucks in the intestine for days. Take 2 liters of water or mixed teas every day as a prevention against constipation also when the intake of zeolite is finished - at least for one more week].


-- 2 hours before the intake of zeolite: do not smoke, no alk, do not take remedies [web01]

-- Zeolite should not be inhaled as a powder and should not get into the eyes. Anxious people who cannot quickly mix a spoonful of zeolite into half a liter of water wear masks, protection glasses and gloves when handling zeolite [web06].

-- never take at the same time: alk, caffeine or acidic drinks (no grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon drink, pineapple juice) [web01]

Quote (translation):

"During a detoxification cure, you should evade strictly: coffee, black tea, undiluted juices, purchased smoothies and vegetable milk varieties (rice drink, oat drink, soya drink etc.). In the case you normally drink this, so drink them only with half of the total quantity per day. So for example, drinking 300 ml of rice drink, then you only drink 150 ml daily of it." [web02]

-- After the intake of zeolite, no intake of other remedies during 2 hours: For the intake of other medicaments should be hold a time distance of 2 hours, otherwise the zeolite is filtering the active ingredients of the other remedy, and this is just not wanted [web02].

Zeolite: Examples of intake and external application

from [web02]: Quote (translation):

<The correct application of zeolite

Zeolite can be used internally and externally.

The internal application of zeolite

  1. Always take zeolite for itself, not for meals or together with other nutritional supplements (see also number 5).
  2. There should be at least 2 hours between taking zeolite and other medication.
  3. You can combine zeolite with psyllium shell powder. Other nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, base powder, etc.) should not be combined with zeolite, but should be taken with a temporal distance of 30 minutes before or after. But here is also better a temporal distance of 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Take zeolite 1 to 3 times a day, for example in the morning on empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast and shortly before bed (2 to 3 hours after the last meal). A third intake can be during lunch time, again with a temporal distance of 30 minutes before or 2 to 3 hours after it. But also just 1 intake per day is enough for having a healing success.
  5. The recommendation is 3 to 5 g zeolite per day (for some indications also the double). The daily amount is then distributed to several intakes per day. Two intakes of zeloite per day will be each time 1.5 to 2.5 gram. 3 intakes of zeolite per day are 1 to 2 gram for each intake.
  6. However, start slowly with small doses, e.g. with 1 g or 1 capsule once a day and continuously increase the dose and the frequency of intake to the desired dose.
  7. Only take zeolite against heavy illnesses (for example against cancer) in the long term or even if your symptoms have not gotten better after a short application, or when the symptoms come back after stopping a zeolite cure. Otherwise, take zeolite only for a short time. You can perform for example a 24 days cure, then make a rest for 5 days, and have a second round with another 24 days cure.
  8. Pregnant and breastfeeding, children and people who take medication should consult their doctor before the application.
  9. Zeolite can be taken in the form of zeolite powder, which is mixed into liquids. But you can also take zeolite capsules when you don't like the zeolite taste. However, don't forget to drink enough water when you take the capsules!

The external use of zeolite

For the external application of zeolite there are at least as much sectors of treatment as for the internal intake.

  • Face masks with bentonite or zeolite are used against pimples, blackheads and greasy skin.
  • Clay earth can be taken as a replacement for shampoos eliminating fat and dirt from the scalp
  • Bandages with healing earths against rheumatism, joint and body pain as well as for broken bones promoting healing processes, have an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.
  • Silt layers of zeolite are against burns and for poorly healing wounds accelerating the healing.
  • Silt layers of zeolite are against insect bites or itchy rashes alleviating pain and itching and pulling the illness provoking poisons out of the skin.

When a person suffers of extended rashes, then one can apply a Vaseline layer first and then spread zeolite powder on the Vaseline layer. Never breathe the powder, but for this maneuver put a filtering mask

Normally a paste of zeolite and water is mixed and this mash is put on a cloth or directly on the affected skin sector. Let the mash work on half an hour.

It should be applied so thick (3 - 4 mm) that it cannot completely dry in this half hour. The mash should still be moist when you take it off or wash it off. Otherwise it dries out the skin.>

Zeolite with pets and farms

-- Zeolite is added to the animal feed for promoting and strengthening health of animals [web01]
-- There is a maximum of 10 grams for 1 kg of feed indicated [web06] [but better is only 1 gram per kg so there is no constipation for sure]
-- Zeolite for feed is defined as a feed additive with an E-number E568, for example in the dog's or cat's feed, identification number 1g568. Quote (translation):

"Feed additive (E 568) for dogs and cats. It is pure clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin with the identification number 1g568, technological feed additive of functional group 1g) binders." [web06]

-- Some animal species instinctively eat earth with zeolite in it because it is good for them [web01]
-- Zeolite in the feed is also healing dogs from cancer, improves the general condition, tumors are reducing, life is extended [web01]

Zeolith kaufen: beim Kopp-Verlag in Stuttgart Link - beim Regenbogenkreis in Lübeck Link - bei Waldkraft Alveda GmbH in Berlin Link    

Little zeolite stones in the aquarium against high nitrate content

Filter-zeolite stones for aquarium and pond
Filter-zeolite stones for aquarium and pond [4]

Zeolite broken in stones has a reactionary surface, acts like an ion exchanger and causes the deposition of pollutants to the zeolite stones. But the quality of the zeolite is not always the same: "So, the ability for an ion exchange is not the same with every zeolite and the exchange is not performed always with the same ions." Zeolites are also different depending on the country of origin, zeolite from Australia is very absorptive, zeolite from Russia is massive and not very absorptive so it's not a good biological filter [web03].

-- Zeolite is absorbing, especially ammonium, buffering ammonium and should only be used in contaminated aquariums [web03]
-- By this, the nitrate in the water of the aquarium is inhibited resp. the "nitrification" is designed evenly [Web03].
-- Zeolite is also softening the water [web03]

Porous zeolites are also suitable as biological filter material [web03].

Filter performance depending on the kind of zeolite
-- Depending on the zeolite type, filtering performance is more or less
-- With small pores, only a few bacteria are settling
-- When the zeolite has almost no pores, only a few bacteria are settling [web03].

The filter-zeolite in the aquarium will be covered
Filter-zeolite is covered by bacteria, then the filter effect is ended [Web03]

Clean then the zeolite which was in the aquarium: 24h in 1% salt solution

Quote (translation):

<If the zeolite is largely loaded with ammonium after a few weeks, then only remains a filtering effect like a good biological way. For regenerating the zeolite, it will be put in a iodine-free salt solution of 1% for about 24 hours.>

Filter-zeolite is just an emergency solution
-- In the long run, the aquarium must be overgrown evenly, zeolite alone does not solve the algae problem in the long run [web03].

-- In the long run, zeolite should not be in the aquarium, because useful substances for plant growth such as iron and trace elements in the water are also reduced with zeolite [web03].

Filter-zeolite has NO place in an intact aquarium
So, if you put zeolite in an intact aquarium, the ammonium is reduced, but at the same time the plants are reduced because they always need some ammonium [web03].

<There are reports that the algae initially disappeared, but then also died the plants. On the other hand, there are reports of splendid plant growth when using zeolite. Because zeolite is a natural ion exchanger, it takes up ammonium for a while. This reduces algae growth in heavily loaded aquariums. But in a good clean aquarium, the plants always need some ammonium. When in this case zeolite is added, then the plants will grow only a little bit.> [web03]

-- In an intact aquarium, no zeolite is needed or then it's effect is damaging because valuable substances for the plants are reduced
-- Filter-zeolite is required at the beginning of an aquarium in an aquarium without plants, or in aquariums without plants for ever, or in fish breeding systems [web03].

Quote (translation):
<In a well managed aquarium with roots, soil, plants etc. and with a quantity of animals corresponding to it's size, such filter media [like for example zeolite] should not be needed or can even damage. When an aquarium is installed, then it can help at the beginning to fight the nitrite peak. Also in sterile aquariums without plants with big fishes resp. with a high density of fishes the biologic filter media can be needed, as also in fish breeding systems. In a "classical" aquarium the normal mechanic filtering is completely sufficient!> [web03]

Buy zeolite for the aquarium
Trading with zeolite does not precisely define the effects of the zeolite, there are no probes, and you can get a good pack of zeolite and then a bad pack. This is a lottery game [web03].

The lottery game with filter-zeolite in the aquarium: Can also be mushy

Some zeolites apparently dissolve converting into a mushy substance in the water. As a result, the whole filter can be dirty if the zeolite is not covered properly at the top and below, e.g. with a filter wool.

Further sorption agents for aquariums

Further sorption means are activated carbon, clay earth or duff (water humus). Duff has further positive properties [web03].

A large amount of duff (water humus) also acts as a sorption agent, but has further other positive properties.

Filter-zeolite stone in the pond

Filter-zeolite stones are also placed in ponds, in large filter bags [web04].

Filter-zeolite stones in a filter bag
Filter-zeolite stones in a filter bag [5]

Healing reports about Zeolith

Basel, Sep.4, 2022: Healing in August 2022: Shedding healed: Edema, formication, stitches in joints
Report by Michael Palomino, 9/4/2022

In August 2022, I was affected by shedding myself, triggered by my vaccinated roommate or by vaccinated bus or train passengers. I suffered from
-- edema of lower arms and lower legs including feet
-- formication (constant tingling) in lower arms and lower legs including feet
-- Stitches in the joints sometimes here, sometimes there, quite randomly always changing.

I tried several cures with silver water, sodium bicarbonate + apple cider vinegar and also chlorella algae capsules, but it all helped NOTHING. So I ordered zeolite from Kopp-Verlag (half kilo 28 Euro), informed myself about zeolite on different websites and waited for the package from Stuttgart for a whole week. Then I started the cure with 1 gram of zeolite (a spoon tip) in 1/2 liter of water on an empty stomach, waited 30 minutes, and drank a lot throughout the day for 1 week. On the second day I noticed that the stool became much harder, so I had to drink even more during the day. On the fifth day of the zeolite cure, all the symptoms had disappeared. So, 4 days of zeolite cure had been enough to cure the edema, formication and stitches in the joints. So the cure with zeolite was FASTER than the package from Stuttgart to Basel.

About 3 weeks later I did the cure again for safety and will now do the cure every 3 to 4 weeks as prevention.

Michael Palomino, Sep.4, 2022

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