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HELLE IS HERE - and all are only watching

57. The criminal sect of the commanders

Michael Palomino (2016)


Criminal commanders - forming a sect worldwide

SMS to a doctor friend, August 29, 2016

SMS 1 about the criminal commanders in the world: activities in a world wide web of Rothschild satanists

The commanders in Peru
-- are laughing about the poor
-- are organizing drugs for their 4x4
-- are playing with the people and
-- are blaming always the other ones and
-- are provoking 20% of innocent captives in the prisons
-- they are playint with alarm equipments thinking that this would be intelligent
-- they have their festivities and they are making their bets against their innocent victims defaming and calumniating them without end
-- they are committing their criminal espionage against their innocent victims
-- with all this they are also selling the spied data and they are infecting other countries with their criminal fantasies
-- they pretend to protect the population from their victims but in real the commanders are the criminals
-- they are organizing the Organized Crime with drugs, weapons, women, children, frauds
-- they are protecting the criminal casinos where one can only loose money and where drugs are sold during day and night.

The commanders are forming a world wide red and they are working for the mayors who are also forming a world wide red. Over this you can find the red of the satanist governments.

The commanders are for nothing world wide, but they are one of the terrorist elements in the Rothschild system where poverty is deliberately provoked and where the poors are even laughed.

SMS 2 about the criminal commanders in this world: protection for criminal pharma - and "working methods" - they are not more than "footballs"

One can see that the commanders have not conceived anything ab out life, but they are destroying the life of the others.

The commanders are forming a sect as also the mayors and the governments.
They are protectig big pharma industries and Nestlé, the water thief.
[In Peru] they are forbidding any progress not intalling any garbage container.
They invent delicts and with this they are making their intrigues against innocent peoples.
They inhibit investigations applying extortions against judges, or they are paying bribes to judges - and by this they are always rated as innocent.
They are organizing the INTERPOL of Rockefeller organizing persecutions and calumnies on an international level.
They are organizing groups defaming and calumning innocent people: soccer fans, students, family members [also alcoholics and drug addicted, because they can  be manipulated and bribed easily].

At the same time there is no further education with commanders. Books with knowledge are not read there.

With this one can see clearly: these commanders are only dangerous footballs, they are terrorists.

[In Peru for example] the commanders are manipulating the system so never any price is going down but all is always rising and rising on and on.

At the same time the commanders have a salary between 10,000 and 20,000 soles [per month in Peru - poor have 800 soles per month].

So, let's see, we are healing people, but with those the facts are like this: garbage goes to garbage. They have nothing in their head but they are only a football. Have a nice day and we are going on with healings.

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